About Us

T9 Media Limited is global news network group located in Chennai, India. With high caliber resources, wide number of satisfied viewers across the globe and over 7 years of expertise in the online media world, we are the masters of live web broadcast & Web Promotion activities. We are also into Website Designing & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay-per-click campaign, Natural link building, Content writing and syndication, online submissions, Affiliate marketing and Web consulting services.

Our mission is to serve business enterprises to expand their outreach in the Internet world. T9 Media Limited helps you unleash the potential of this relatively new powerful media by best utilizing resources. Our service spectrum includes free consultancy, creation of customized plans and Internet marketing services. We have pioneered in the field of Internet marketing through constant research and refinement of our processes that further helps us tailor a plan as per our customer requirements.

The idea of T9 Media Limited and having an organization working for these services dedicatedly arrives by the existence of internet giants like Google, Yahoo! and MSN. The way they are providing platform on Internet for business enterprises to expand their horizon, the same way there arises a need for a shuttle service to reach the platform created by these Internet giants.

T9 Media Limited is one among the top 10 online media companies, the group is committed to marketing projects that move business. As an integrated marketing firm, we serve a diverse list of clients and industries. T9 MEDIA offers a cross-fertilization of strategic ideas in brand strategy, communications, print, web design and multi-media solutions